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The red of Spain represents the passion of famous people
The yellow of Spain is permeated with the luxury of famous people
The European nobility, but also America hard struggle spirit of the people, the two cultures here mingled, speed and passion and elegance, the global fashion brand B&M embodies these two characteristics with potential, which is not only the call of the times, is the core of the brand is B&M.

International quality comes from international production guarantee
Jiangsu Cathay Pacific BMW Clothing Co., Ltd. is located in the world's largest trade city of men's clothing ---- Changshu, china.
Is a company specializing in fashion design, production, processing and sales of new professional factory. Products are mainly exported to Europe, the United States, Japan and Russia and other regions, favored by domestic and foreign merchants.
aracteristics with potential, which is not only the call of the times, is the core of the brand is B&M.

Real European fashion menswear design
Located in Spain's B&M design center, more than 150 designers work on innovative fashion designs every day. They are always in touch with the most popular fashion, the first time to get the most popular and high-tech fabrics, creating a lot of creative for consumers, as well as the texture and color match. It is because of their outstanding efforts that B&M has a charming Spanish style and has been tested in the international market.

While developing the international market, the company pays great attention to developing the domestic market and developing its own brand. The company is committed to the development of deep down, began production in 2006 sales authorized by Korea goldenfox group Daihu Fashion Co., Daihu jacket, Chinese won the famous trademark, CCTV on CCTV products.
Our tenet is "customer satisfaction is our success.""
The idea of "filial love wholeheartedly"

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