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B&M fashion men’s clothing on the function to dress collocation as the main appeal point,

Use rich change, have fashionable feeling extremely collocation to meet target consumption group to fashion, refined life pursuit, achieving communication, perfect sense is presented therefrom feeling and experience of life, it is the consistent pursuit.

Hongkong Asia fair hosts "IT" S B&M fashion show activities


Brand function cost performanceExquisite collocation, perfect texture

Brand connotation: elegant / concentrated / environmental protection / brave
Brand personality: passion, intelligence, youth, humor
Service crowd: 25-30 year old young fashion men, leisurely, affectionate, light cooked men, casual, fashionable business success person

B&M fashion men's jacker dress collocation as the main points the function,using the rich change,the collocation of the fashionable feeling extremely to satisfy target consumer groups in the pursuit of fashion and elegant life,thus achieve communication,perfect feeling,is the present feeling and experience of life,is the consistent pursuit.

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